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10 Stores for Aesthetic Clothing to Wear TikTok’s Latest Styles


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Jan 19, 2024
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Aesthetic clothing representing unique fashion styles and trends from the past decade or movement is hype.

Whether you identify as a Rocker, E-girl, Punker, or Goth fashionista, aesthetic clothes are critical to showcasing your allegiance.

In this article, I’ve curated 10 online brands and stores specializing in aesthetic clothing, footwear, and accessories to shop now and showcase your unique personality.

1. YesStyle

Best for Korean Aesthetic Clothing​

YesStyle Aesthetic Clothing

Courtesy: YesStyle

As a label Korean fashion enthusiasts love, YesStyle stocks high-quality aesthetic clothing you’ll need to create a unique style.

With over 300 fashion labels from Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong, YesStyle is one of the world’s largest online clothing stores for Asian aesthetic clothes.

Sourced from local designer brands, YesStyle’s aesthetic outfits have a sweet Asian touch and are available at affordable prices with excellent shipping and returns options.

Metticus Short-Sleeve Square Neck Plaid Frog Button Mini A-Line Dress

Niji Smile Mini Pleated Skirt

Nikiki Ribbed Knit Leg Warmers

2. Ragged Priest

Best for Soft Grunge Aesthetic Clothing​

Ragged Priest Aesthetic Clothing online shop

Courtesy: Ragged Priest

From a brand launched by selling used fashion on eBay, Ragged Priest has come a long way.

Ragged Priest has the best of what London’s eclectic scene offers, including aesthetic Grunge, Y2K Grunge, and Fairy Grunge.

The Ragged Priest triple skull intarsia jumper

The Ragged Priest skate fit cargo jeans in black

3. Emmiol

Best for Y2K Aesthetic Clothes​

Emmiol Aesthetic Clothing

Courtesy: Emmiol

Designed with popular aesthetics in mind, such as vintage, grunge, and streetwear, EMMIOL offers trendy clothing for fashion-forward individuals.

The brand’s unique offering includes aesthetic t-shirts, hoodies, pants, dresses, and accessories in bold prints and vibrant colors, suitable to express your style and stay on top of the latest fashion trends.

O Ring Cutout Crop Cami Top

Patchwork Zip Up Long Sleeve Crop Top

Short Sleeve Letter Graphic Crop Top

4. Boogzel

Best for Cottagecore Aesthetic Clothes​

Boogzel Aesthetic Clothing

Courtesy: Boogzel

Boogzel features a wide range of aesthetic clothing, but the company is best for Cottagecore style fashion.

From flowy dresses to peasant tops, butterfly rings, and wooden shopping bags, you’ll find stunning cottagecore outfits at Boogzel.

Princess Mood Floral Dress

floral crop top cottagecore clothes floral crop top cottagecore clothes floral crop top cottagecore clothes floral crop top cottagecore clothes floral crop top cottagecore clothes floral top boogzel apparel Now Forever Floral Crop Top

5. O-Mighty

Best for Baddie Aesthetic Clothing​

 Aesthetic clothing

Courtesy: O-Mighty

If you want to be safe, knowing you’ll never blend into the background, O-Mighty’s aesthetic clothes offering is the answer.

The brand is famous for its Baddie style with badass designs that make you stand out from a mile.

O Mighty cropped tank top with contrast binding and retro logo

O Mighty Y2K tank crop top with cow girl print and leopard trim

6. Gorman

Best for Quirky Aesthetic Clothing​

Gorman Aesthetic Clothing Online Store

Courtesy: Gorman

Fashion has always been an essential part of Lisa Gorman’s life, having started her journey making clothes for Barbie dolls as a kid.

Gorman has a dedicated following of fans calling themselves ‘Gormies,’ shopping the label’s multicolored and edgy garments in quirky aesthetics such as Kidcore, Babycore, Dreamcore, and Weirdcore.

Gorman Storybook Tee

Gorman Visual Diary Long Dress

7. Minga London

Best for Dark Academia Aesthetic Clothes​

Minga London Aesthetic Clothing

Courtesy: Minga London

Minga London was launched in 2014 as a small London brand selling T-shirts tie-dyed in bathtubs.

Nowadays, Minga’s collections are a modern take on Dark Academia fashion and are great for making a bold statement.

Minga London Aesthetic Clothes

Also, as an emerging sustainable clothing brand, the label is guided by sustainability and ethical manufacturing, making its clothes even more desirable.




8. Storenvy

Best for Indie Aesthetic Clothing​

Storenvy Aesthetic Clothing store

Courtesy: Storenvy

Storenvy is arguably the Internet’s best place to shop for Indie style.

The brand’s online store lists over 5000 aesthetic clothes across several styles from hundreds of fashion brands, so try them.

Indie Letter Print Short Sleeve Shirt


9. Pyknic

Best for Foodie Aesthetic Clothing​

Pyknic Aesthetic Clothing

Courtesy: Pyknic

Pyknic stands out on this list for its unique, food-centric concept, letting foodies express their passion through cool and comfy aesthetic clothing.

Get ready for a solid dose of food-related puns and graphics covering everything from sweaters to socks and even mugs for those hardcore coffee lovers.

Raise Hell Eat Tacos Women's Button-Up Top

10. Big Bud Press

Best for Twee Aesthetic Clothing​

Big Bud Press Aesthetic Clothing

Courtesy: Big Bud Press

Produced ethically by local artisans, Big Bud Press specializes in Twee fashion.

The first thing that stands out about Big Bud Press’s aesthetic clothes is the vintage smile-inducing colorways for which the brand is renowned.

Browsing through Big Bud Press’s designs feels like going back in time and experiencing the birth of the hippie movement firsthand.



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