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15 Goth Clothing Brands to Dress Like The Baddest Witch


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Jan 19, 2024
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Obsessed with the Goth style’s dark, dramatic, and enchanting look, I understand the struggle to find authentic Goth clothing brands covering the look’s many facets.

Moreover, given unique Goth style variations like Trad Goth, Health Goth, or Bubble Goth, finding clothing stores that cater to all substyles is not an easy task,

However, as a hardcore Goth fashion lover, over the years, I have curated my own collection of online clothing stores for my Goth-style needs and will share them with you.


Best for Vampire, Industrial, and Pin-up Goth (Gothability)​

Void Clothing Goth Clothing

Void Clothing, Based in Nottingham, UK, is an online store dedicated to Goth-style clothing, accessories, makeup, witchy incense, tarot cards, and runestones.

The online store also offers unique creations from small alternative brands such as Poizen Industries and Darkside.

Minyas Necessary Evil Crop Top
Alchemy Gothic Ear Wrap


Best for Trad, Hippie, Romantic, and Soft Goth​

Disturbia Goth Clothing Brand

Disturbia is a Goth clothing brand from the UK with a rebellious heart that creates collections conveying an alternative graphic narrative.

Disturbia is an underground reaction against the conventional, a portmanteau of the words disturb, and suburbia, a subversion to normalcy.

The brand’s love for Alternative styles, infused with a propensity toward existentialist thought and alienation, informs the psyche of its superb products.

Xenomort Gothic Short Sleeve T Shirt Dress
Haunted Gothic Maxi Herringbone Skirt


Best for Romantic, Hippie, Emo Goth, and Nu Goth​

Fox Blood goth clothing brands

FoxBlood is a full-scale modern noir online Goth clothing boutique run from the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

The label was founded in 2017 by former red carpet stylist and stage wear designer Lindsay Hearts.

100% female-owned and operated, Fox Blood features a minimalist, ready-to-wear line of high-quality, inclusively-sized, eco-friendly Goth clothes and accessories.

Bad Romance Gothic Gown
Fortune Teller Wide Brim Hat


Best for Mall, Romantic, and Soft Gloth​

The Pretty Cult goth clothing brands

The Pretty Cult was launched in 2015 as a creative outlet replicating the clothing of on-stage Goth musicians.

Since then, The Pretty Cult has grown into a company based around its patrons’ individuality, whether misfits, dark hearts, or the magically inclined.

The Edith Dress
Death Zip Up Hoodie


Best for Romantic, Lolita, Medieval, and Victorian Goth​

Punk Rave goth fashion brand

Punk Rave is an Asian Gothic clothing brand founded in 2006 specializing in Gothic coats, Gothic Lolita dresses, Victorian mourning shirts, medieval jackets, leather pants, and leather accessories.

I like Punk Rave’s infusion and the blend of Gothic with romantic and classicist styles.

I often combine Punk Rave’s classic Gothic attire with other contemporary cuts I own to create my distinct and modern Goth style.

Gothic weft long sleeve standing collar velvet short coat for women
dark bat white collar little black Gothic dress


Best for Nu Goth and Health Goth​

Rogue + Wolf goth clothing brand

Rogue and Wolf is a Goth clothing brand specializing in occult-influenced apparel, accessories, jewelry, footwear, and witching gear.

The brand’s clothing theme resonates with ‘Witchcore,’ a new aesthetic from TikTok and Tumblr.

I like Rogue and Wolf’s clothing line, Moon Doll, inspired by the darkness of mythology and nature and the intricate Gothic jewelry to add a dark and witchy edge to any outfit.

Gothic Constellation Leggings
Vampire Bat Necklace In Mirror Steel


Best for Glam Goth, Nu Goth, and Pin-up Goth​

Black Mast goth fashion style

Black Mast is a San Francisco-based Gothic clothing brand renowned for unconventional collections of glamourous Gothic motifs.

Driven by the Black Mast’s co-creators, Marie and Brandon, the brand stocks Goth clothing inspired by other subcultures, themes, drag queens, buccaneers, and more.

I like the Black Mast’s original artwork and designs embracing the glamorous side of the Goth subculture.

Bloody Valentine Skater Dress
Tropigoth Skater Dress


Best for Gothability (Pin-up), Glam Goth, and Nu Goth​

Banned Alternative Goth Clothing

Banned Alternative is a UK-based clothing brand Founded in 1990 in the fabled Camden Lock stalls of London, specializing in Gothic and alternative apparel with a pin-up charm and rock’n’roll attitude!

Inspired by 1950s fashion, the brand blends retro styles such as Pin-up with classic Goth.

Banned Alternative has a wide range of Gothic-style clothing, footwear, and accessories and offers other alternative styles, such as Grunge.

Banned Alternative Skeleton Hands Heart Keyhole Cutout Top
Banned Alternative Elysium Zip Pinafore Dress


Best for Medival, Soft, Hippie, and Nu-Goth​

Jawbreaker goth fashion style

Jawbreaker, based in East London with our hearts still in old Camden Town, has become a new haunt for alternative fashion worldwide.

Jawbreaker stocks a superb range of Gothic clothing designs for men and ladies – think skulls, tartan, and general mischief ooze.

Jawbreaker Apothecary Print Midi Dress
Jawbreaker Bound to Me Dress


Best for Revethead, Industrial Goth, and Nu Goth​

Spiral Direct gothic fashion

Spiral Direct is a UK-based alternative clothing catering to Metalheads.

Far into the metal end of Goth fashion, Spiral Direct makes delightful ranges of dark Gothic Metal clothing.

The brand offers some of the craziest and darkest prints with wicked detailing, standing out from a mile and turning heads instantly.

Lace Layered Cap Sleeve Top Black
Sleeveless Stone Washed Worker Black

11. DR. FAUST​

Best for Gothabilly and Nu Goth​

Dr Faust goth clothing

Dr. Faust offers some of the most badass Gothabilly and Nu-Goth designs.

Based in Glasgow, Dr. Faust is creating some of the most epic Goth designs on the site, drawing inspiration from Glasgow’s alternative scene.

Described by their fans as creepy but cute, Dr. Faust’s Gothic clothing pieces are designed to compliment your curves and make you stand out from the crowd.

gothbucks hoodie


Best for Victorian, Medival, Gothic Lolita, and Steamgoth​

Burleska gothic fashion

Burleska started in 2006 as an alternative clothing fashion brand specializing in Victorian, Elizabetian-inspired corsets.

Nowadays, Burleska is one of the best Goth stores for elegant and classic Goth clothes and accessories with a neo-Victorian and Elizabethian touch.

The brand’s corsets, frilled skirts, lace dresses, and velvet coats are designed in London by qualified tailors.

Burleska Chantelle overbust steel boned corset in black taffeta
Burleska Steamgoth overbust lace up corset in black matte vinyl


Best for Romantic, Fetish, Vampire, Corp, and Nu-Goth​

Queen of Darkness Goth Clothing brand

Queen of Darkness is one of the best German gothic clothing designers, and it is hard to put them in a stylistic box within the Gothic genre.

Yet, the brand’s Fetishwear and Dark Romanticism are dominant themes, such as the Queen of Darkness collections with an exciting mixture of mesh, sheer fabrics, safety pins, hooks, rings, straps, and vintage skull prints.

The brand also offers Corporate-style Goth clothing for those Batcavers who have adopted a corporate lifestyle as Goths.



Best for Trad, Mall, and Industrial Goth​

New Rock Goth Clothing and Footwear

New Rock, established in 1980 and based in Spain, is hailed as the best Goth clothing brand for ultimate alternative clothing and footwear.

The brand’s unique offering is described as:

There are shoe companies, and then there is New Rock.

I completely agree. New Rock is the gold standard in the Goth shoe market, as once you buy a pair, you’ll have them for life.

Gothic New Rock M WALL373 V1 Combat Boots


Best for Emo Goth and Health Goth​

Long Clothing gothic style

Long Clothing, launched in 2008, defined over a decade of dark, Gothic, and alternative streetwear.

Long Clothing represents a cutting-edge and contemporary culture where futuristic aesthetics, dark fantasy, occult mystery, and hyper-real imagery combine.

With a cult following stretching from London to Tokyo, Gen Z Goths who grew up with the Internet embrace the brand’s Goth and alt-fashion pieces.

Hellraiser Long Sleeve
100% Pure Energy Joggers

Key Takeaways​

The Goth fashion style is one of the most unique and exciting alternatives in a world where mainstream fashion can be limiting and uninspiring.

By embracing Goth fashion, you’re making a statement that values creativity, individuality, and a love for the unconventional.

Not only does the Gothic style offer a refreshing departure from the norm, but it also allows you to express yourself authentically and without reservation.

And with the help of these exquisite 25 Goth clothing brands, building an alternative gothic-style wardrobe has never been easier.

By supporting these Goth clothing brands, you also support a community of like-minded individuals who value acceptance, creativity, and love.

Whether you identify as Goth or enjoy alternative fashion, you’re part of a global movement that celebrates diversity and strives to improve the world.

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