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40 Stylish and Affordable Sustainable Sneakers To Shop Now


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Jan 19, 2024
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This is my curated list of the 20 most stylish sustainable kicks and sneakers made with innovative and eco-friendly materials.

The list includes high-performance, affordable, sustainable sneakers from popular streetwear brands like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas.

It also includes high-end, designer, sustainable trainers from Stella McCartney, Oliver Cabell, and more.


Best for Low-Top Sneakers​

Veja ethical and sustainable sneakers


An ethical and sustainable sneaker label for anyone, from students to influencers and celebrities, Veja’s sustainable sneakers can be worn in any setting, from casual to smart casual and office.

An icon of the sustainable sneakers landscape, Veja is a French brand committed to producing sustainable shoes in Brazil.

The sustainable sneakers suit everyday life, from running to working out, office, and dinner dates.

As a sustainable sneaker brand responsible for all stages of production, most Veja trainers are made from organic cotton and wild rubber.

The brand also ensures that manufacturing is conducted in dignified conditions, and instead of spending money on advertising, it gives back to local communities.

Veja Low Top Lace-up Sneakers

Women’s Veja Low Top Lace-up

Veja Low Top Lace-up Sneakers

Men’s Veja Low Top Lace-up


Best for Designer Sneakers​

Stella McCartney sustainable sneakers


Ideal for elevated, semi-informal settings, Stella McCartney’s sustainable sneakers are some of the most luxurious susta kicks you can shop now.

Stella McCartney needs no introduction to cruelty-free and sustainable designer brands.

While many designers push for a more sustainable industry, none are as prominent as Stella McCartney in their brand image and sustainability efforts.

The high-fashion sustainable sneakers the British designer offers are crafted only from cruelty-free materials.

Imagine soles from recycled rubber, faux and alternative leather tops, shoelaces from organic cotton or rescued plastic, etc.

Stella McCartney Sustainable Sneakers

Stella McCartney Low Top Chuck Sole

Stella McCartney X Stan Smith Vegan Sneakers

Stella McCartney X Stan Smith Vegan


Best for Casual Sneakers​

Ecoalf sustainable sneakers


Made from some of the most unexpected materials, Ecoalf’s sustainable sneakers are equally innovative and stylish, suitable for alternative styles and minimalist looks.

Upcycling waste in pursuit of sustainable fashion, Ecoalf is a Spanish-based sustainable footwear brand that transforms trash into treasure.

The brand uses innovative proprietary technology to recycle leather, polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, tires, and even post-consumer coffee grounds to make some of the most beautiful sustainable sneakers you can buy right now.

With a wide range of sustainable shoes, from running and tennis to dinner and casual shoes, each pair of sustainable kicks is made at Ecoalf by Ecoalf’s team.

ECOALF Eliot Grape Leather Sneakers

ECOALF Eliot Grape Leather

ECOALF Riera Faux Suede Sneakers

ECOALF Riera Faux Suede


Best for High Top Kicks​

Flamingo's life sustainable sneakers


Flamingo’s Life is an excellent sustainable sneakers brand popular for a wide selection of vintage-inspired sneakers. Highly recommended brand if you’re a pair of sustainable sneakers in the 70s, 80s, & 90s unisex styles.

With a rich offering in classic sustainable sneakers, Flamingo’s Life shoes are made – in ethical and modern ways – to cater to shoes looking for sustainable sneakers with a stylistic vintage touch.

With an impressive offering of multicolored sustainable vegan sneakers made from eco-friendly and PETA vegan-approved materials, Flamingo’s Life is a brand of ethical sneakers you should check out and try.

Old 80s Unisex High Top Sneakers

Flamingo’s Life Old 80s Women’s High Top Sneakers

Flamingo's Life Old 80's Men's High-Top Sneakers

Flamingo’s Life Old 80’s Men’s High Top Sneakers


Best for Merino Wool Sneakers​

Allbirds sustainable sneakers


Allbirds is one of the few sustainable sneakers brands on this list that makes unique shoes (stylistically and material-wise) – e.g., water repellent sustainable sneakers made from merino wool and eucalyptus tree fibers.

Allbirds has become a household name on the sustainable footwear scene by fusing natural materials with technological advancements.

Based in San Francisco, the sustainable sneaker brand produces a wide range of vegan and cruelty-free shoes, from running to tennis and other casual styles.

The label uses some of the most unorthodox materials, such as merino wool and eucalyptus pulp combined with rain-repellent material, to create unique, sustainable sneakers.

Allbirds is an excellent sustainable sneaker brand for those seeking affordable, comfortable, and ethical shoes made from plant-based, nature-friendly materials.

Men's Wool Dasher Mizzles Sneakers

Men’s Wool Dasher Mizzles Sneakers

Women's Wool Dasher Mizzles Sneakers

Women’s Wool Dasher Mizzles Sneakers


Best Slip On Sneakers​

Toms sustainable sneakers


Stylish, comfortable, sustainable slippers and casual lounge shoes from eco-friendly materials such as soft wool, sweater knit or felt, designed to protect the planet and treat your feet.

Renowned for its charitable business model, Toms is a Venice-based label that needs little introduction to those interested in sustainable footwear.

The brand invests 1/3 of its profits into organizations that target mental health issues, gun violence, and fair access to opportunities.

Tom’s offers a wide range of vegan and eco-friendly shoes, sold and delivered to you in sustainable shoe boxes made from soy ink and other similar types of recycled post-consumer waste.

TOMS Women's Classic Alpargata Cupsole

TOMS Women’s Alpargata Cupsole Sneakers

TOMS Men's Travel Lite 2.0 Slip-On Sneakers

TOMS Men’s Travel Lite 2.0 Slip-On Sneakers


Best for Everyday-Wear Sneakers​

Nisolo sustainable sneakers


A superb label for daily sustainable sneakers thanks to the neutral and earth-toned colors, easy to match with anything in your wardrobe.

Based in Nashville, US, Nisolo is a B Corp-certified and carbon-neutral footwear label that’s handmaking shoes in safe and fair conditions in Peru and Mexico.

However, the label makes sustainable sneakers and leather sneakers from hides and suede sourced ethically.

Nisolo is an excellent sustainable sneakers brand for those looking for neutral and earth-toned colors that make classic designs easy to slot into their daily rotations.

Nisolo Women's Everyday Sneaker

Nisolo Women’s Everyday Sneaker

Nisolo Men's Everyday Sneaker

Nisolo Men’s Everyday Sneaker


Best for Eco-Leather Sneakers​

TREAD BY EVERLANE sustainable sneakers


Everlane’s Tread sustainable sneakers are carbon-neutral, unisex, and incredibly comfortable, designed for hardcore leather sneakerheads but with a sustainable touch.

Transparency, style, and quality are at the core of Everlane’s latest line of sustainable sneakers.

The brand’s sneakers target leather fans, particularly those who want their fashion choices to be more sustainable.

With soles in 94.2% non-virgin plastic, uppers from a gold-certified tannery, and lining and laces from recycled plastic bottles, Everlane seeks to produce the world’s lowest-impact sneakers.

Women's The Trainer Leather Sneaker

Women’s The Trainer Leather Sneaker

Men's The ReLeather Court Sneaker

Men’s The ReLeather Court Sneaker


Best for Recycled-Materials Sneakers​

Converse Renew sustainable sneakers


Converse’s offering of highly customizable sustainable sneakers will let you showcase your unique personality everywhere and every time.

With Converse on board, it’s now impossible to deny the significant shift towards sustainability on the footwear scene.

The cult Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers are now also presented in an eco-friendly version, engineered in stretch knit that’s breathable and produced with at least 50% recycled materials.

Brought together with 100% recycled polyester laces, they’re set on unique translucent rubber soles made with 12% recycled scraps.

I love Converse Renew as it allows me to customize them in so many ways, allowing me to showcase my personality wherever I go.

Converse Women's Remix Chuck 70 Hi Sneakers

Converse Women’s Remix Chuck 70 Hi Sneakers

Converse Men's Remix Chuck 70 Hi Sneakers

Converse Men’s Remix Chuck 70 Hi Sneakers


Best for Organic-Materials Sneakers​

Rebook Cotton + Corn sustainable sneakers


Following Reebok’s world’s first compostable sneakers made from corn and castor bean oil, the brand’s next-gen kicks are stylish, affordable, and above all, fully eco-friendly.

Reebok is another sportswear giant to join the sustainability movement by creating and selling plant-based sneakers.

Made with castor bean oil, the brand’s first shot at sustainable sneakers were made from compostable, natural materials.

Nowadays, Reebok’s sustainable sneakers have uppers of faux leather and pure cotton and soles from corn, castor bean oil, and recycled rubber.

Oh, and did I mention that you can also get them in 100% recycled packaging?

Reebok Classic Club C 85 Vegan Women's Shoes

Reebok Classic Club C 85 Vegan Women’s Shoes

Reebok Club C 85 Vegan Men's Shoes

Reebok Club C 85 Vegan Men’s Shoes


Best for Gender-Neutral Sneakers​

Greats sustainable sneakers


Coming from the NYC-based Greats, the brand’s line of sustainable sneakers has that unmistakable, gender-inclusive Brooklyn vibe you can’t find anywhere else.

The Brooklyn-based Greats wants you to “wear our sustainable sneakers for the rest of your life.”

The brand’s statement underlines the team’s unrivaled dedication to creating high-quality, sustainable kicks.

Free of virgin plastic and packed with natural rubber and reclaimed leather sourced from top-rated Italian tanneries, Greats cares for the environment and people.

Love Greats’ massive range of athletic shoes and vegan sneaker styles are affordable, timeless, and durable.

Greats Gender Neutral The McCarren Tech Sneakers

Greats Gender Neutral The McCarren Tech Sneakers

Greats Gender Neutral Classic McCarren Sneakers

Greats Gender Neutral Classic McCarren Sneakers


Best for Running Sneakers​

Adidas X Parley sustainable sneakers


From a leader in innovation, comfort, and performance, Adidas sustainable sneakers are for athletes and active ones.

Another name that needs no introduction on the sustainable sportswear scene, Adidas has partnered up with Parley for the Oceans to protect the world’s sea life.

As a result, Adidas and Parley’s lines of sustainable sneakers are sans virgin polyester, made from discarded fishing nets and plastics intercepted from water.

Adidas X Parley collection is stylish and loved by people worldwide for saving the oceans while reducing global CO2 emissions.

Adidas X Parley Men's Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe

Adidas X Parley Men’s Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe

Adidas X Parley Women's Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe

Adidas X Parley Women’s Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe


Best for Canvas Sneakers​

Komodo sustainable sneakers


One of the trendiest sustainable sneakers brands right now, Komodo’s kicks are ideal to showcase that unique British street look.

From all shoe companies in this article, Komodo is the only UK-based sneakers brand that makes traditional sneakers from recycled thermoplastics and bio-based materials.

Valuing environmental standards alongside people’s well-being, the label supports local charities and numerous social and ecological projects.

GOTS-certified and made from recycled plastic water bottles, Komodo’s affordable eco sneakers come in a wide range of styles and color combinations.

Komodo Grey Free Tibet Women's Shoe

Komodo Grey Free Tibet Women’s Shoe

Komodo Navy Free Tibet Men's Shoe

Komodo Navy Free Tibet Men’s Shoe


Best for Skater Style Sneakers​

Cariuma sustainable sneakers


Here’s your chance to wear a pair of stylish skating sneakers while supporting a Brazilian label fighting for a cleaner planet.

Founded in Brazil, Cariuma offers a deal that’s impossible to pass on by hardcore sustainability enthusiasts.

The company makes beautiful eco-friendly sneakers and vegan shoes from plant-based materials such as eucalyptus tree fiber, hemp fibers, and even recycled water bottles.

Moreover, with each pair of sustainable sneakers sold, the label plants two trees in the Brazilian rainforest.

Delivering a wide range of sustainable sneakers that include skateboarders and surfers, the brand puts focus on comfort and affordability for all.

Women's OCA HIGH Toz Collector's Edition Sneakers

Women’s OCA HIGH Toz Collector’s Edition Sneakers

Men's CATIBA PRO Black Contrast Ivory Skate Sneakers

Men’s CATIBA PRO Black Contrast Ivory Skate Sneakers


Best for Comfortable Sneakers​

Rothy's sustainable sneakers


From flats to running sneakers, designed for maximum comfort and minimal waste, you can’t go wrong with Rothy’s sustainable beauties, available in a rainbow of hues.

Rothy’s is one of the best San Francisco companies producing sustainable and vegan footwear right now, putting the planet and people before profits.

The brand’s modern line of sneakers oozes design innovation, as some of its styles are made with 3D printing and upcycled knitting to reduce waste and maximize comfort.

Made from upcycled materials in various styles, Rothys sustainable sneakers are great to create a relaxed, casual look.

Rothy's Women's The Lace Up Sneaker

Rothy’s Women’s The Lace Up Sneaker

Rothy's Men's The Merino RS01 Sneaker

Rothy’s Men’s The Merino RS01 Sneaker


Best for Streetwear​

NOAH Sustainable Streetwear Sneakers


With classic design references and inspired by New York City skaters, Noah’s sneakers are environmentally-friendly and designed to marry the urban and active lifestyles.

Noah is a 100% vegan German footwear brand famous for creating the world’s first-ever biodegradable collection back in 2019.

Awarded multiple times for its sustainable and ethical efforts in the realm of leather-free designs, the brand uses non-toxic, recycled, and recyclable materials.

NOAH Brown Adidas Originals Edition Vintage Runner Sneakers

NOAH Brown Adidas Originals Edition Vintage Runner Sneakers

NOAH Yellow Adidas Edition Lab Lace Up Race Sneakers

NOAH Yellow Adidas Edition Lab Lace Up Race Sneakers


Best Artisanal Sneakers​

Oliver Cabell sustainable sneakers


Italian craftsmanship sustainable kicks from an independent shoe label, Oliver Cabell, from enduring, sustainable materials.

The US-based Oliver Cabell shoe brand has reached the top of the sustainable sneaker charts thanks to its obsession with timeless styles and excellent quality.

Oliver Cabell is an independent footwear brand that produces sustainable sneakers from 100% recycled materials while honoring traditional shoemaking practices.

The brand’s eco-friendly kicks are a great choice if you’re into minimal shoe styles that can complement just about any outfit you have in mind, from relaxed casual to office.

Oliver Cabell Men's Low Pigment Sneakers

Oliver Cabell Men’s Low Pigment Sneakers

Oliver Cabell Men's Low Jolla Sneakers

Oliver Cabell Men’s Low Jolla Sneakers


Best for Vegan Sneakers​

Native sustainable shoes


Native Shoes is guided by the ‘Live Lightly’ principle in making sneakers full of personality and guaranteed to add a cheerful touch to your style.

Native Shoes is an eco-friendly shoe company from Vancouver, Canada.

The intention behind the brand’s name was to indicate “we all are native to somewhere,” so anyone wears Native Shoes, all over the world.

Using solvent-free suede, recycled polyester, and recycled EVA foam, the brand makes sustainable sneakers full of color and personality, guaranteed to add a festive touch to your everyday fashion.

Native Shoes Women's Mercury 2.0 Liteknit Sneakers

Native Shoes Women’s Mercury 2.0 Liteknit Sneakers

Native Shoes Men's Jefferson 2.0 High Sneakers

Native Shoes Men’s Jefferson 2.0 High Sneakers


Best for Chunky Sneakers​

Womsh sustainable sneakers


Some of the most stylish trainers on this list, made in a marriage of contemporary trends with artisanal techniques, at affordable prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Womsh, or ‘Word of Mouth Shoes,’ is an Italian-based footwear label committed to sustainability and local craftsmanship.

Known for its bestselling vegan sneakers made from – wait for it – apple skin, the brand also designs leather sneakers from metal-free tanned leather as well as natural and non-toxic raw materials.

Marrying contemporary looks with traditional production techniques, Womsh is a fail-safe destination if you’re looking for carbon offsets or reducing your footprint.

Womsh Wave Sustainable Chunky Sneakers

Womsh Wave Sustainable Chunky Sneakers

Womsh Wave Sustainable Chunky Sneakers

Womsh Wave Sustainable Chunky Sneakers

19. NIKE

Best for ‘Used’ Sneakers​

NIKE Refurbished Sustainable Sneakers


You can now order pre-owned & refurbished sustainable sneakers directly from Nike, the OG of sneakers, at unbeatable prices. Look for the ‘like new,’ ‘gently worn,’ and ‘cosmetically flawed’ categories for excellent discounts!

With the rise in demand for second-hand sneakers, Nike has reinforced its sustainability efforts by launching the ‘Move to Zero’ campaign.

The initiative focuses on reducing waste in the sneakers industry by organizing pre-loved sneakers into sections called ‘like new,’ ‘gently worn,’ and ‘cosmetically flawed.’

It is a great idea to encourage people to purchase pre-owned sneakers and reduce the pace of fast fashion waste.

Beyond the brand’s sustainability-related efforts, Nike is one of the best womens’ sneaker makers in the world right now, with over 200 styles to choose from.

Nike Air Force 1 Crater Sneakers

Nike Air Force 1 Crater Sneakers

Nike Waffle Racer Crater Sneakers

Nike Waffle Racer Crater Sneakers


Best for Pre-Owned Sustainable Sneakers​

McQueen pre-owned sneakers


By investing in a pair of second-hand McQueen sneakers, you’re geting a pair of statement kicks that hold a bit of fashion history.

Leading the way in sustainable footwear for luxury fashion houses, Alexander McQueen sources materials responsibly and uses only green energy sources.

The brand uses numerous innovative materials such as recycled cotton, vegan leather, biodegradable materials, and sugar cane to create stylish shoes.

So far, the label has eliminated most toxic components from its production line and reduced greenhouse gases by 50% per unit of revenue.

Alexander McQueen Women's 'White Rose Glitter' Oversized Sneakers

Alexander McQueen Women’s ‘White Rose Glitter’ Oversized Sneakers

Alexander McQueen Men's 'Black White' Tread Slick Lace Up Sneakers

Alexander McQueen Men’s ‘Black White’ Tread Slick Lace Up Sneakers

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