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Creative caches: Library geocaches


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Jan 19, 2024
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It’s time to grab a good book and make sure your voice doesn’t rise above a strong whisper because today’s geocaching outing takes us to the library. In the years since geocaching started, library caches emerged as a genre of creative caches. It makes sense; with all those reading corners, books, and shelves, a library has many places that make great hiding spots to place a geocache after getting hiding permission. Plus, the quiet atmosphere of a library with patrons wrapped up in books and magazines makes it easy to keep a low profile as you search for a geocache. Read on for four examples of this special genre of geocache.


Image by UniCacher.

1. Environmental Excellence
GC46CQ0 D 2.5/T 1.5

The coordinates for this Multi-Cache lead to a container hidden in a rose garden outside a public library in Oregon in the United States. To find the final location, you’ll have to find a plaque in the rose garden. With numbers on the plaque and information in the container, you’ll be able to solve a pattern leading you to the final coordinates.


Image by pli.

2. Biblioteca de São Lázaro
GC9N4JC D 1/ T 1

This library cache is a Letterbox-Hybrid, located in the oldest public library in Lisbon, Portugal. Finding the geocache will take you on a journey through the library’s beautiful building. At the posted coordinates you’ll take note of a sign sharing the year of the library’s construction. The numbers in the year provide what you need to follow the rest of the instructions on the cache page, traveling a specified distance in the building, looking at reference numbers of different books, and finally arriving at the final coordinates and the cache container.


Image by HaveBirdWillGeo.

3. A Kirkwood Highway Library Geocache
GC3HX55 D 1.5/T 1

This library cache is a two-stage Multi-Cache in the Kirkwood Highway Library in Delaware, USA. The posted coordinates are for a location outside the library where there is a micro container containing instructions for how to find the final coordinates inside the library building.


Image by Pistok&Hopsy.

4. Bibliothek Seeligstadt
GC6RP5K D 1/T 1

Rather than a large public library building, this Traditional Cache is hidden in a small library in a bus stop in Seeligstadt, Germany. The small library is made up of a large rectangular wood container and set of drawers and shelves. Visitors can pick up a book, add one to the library’s collection, or add another geocache to their find count.

Have you ever found a library cache? Share your tales of finds in the library in the comments below!
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