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Frugal Friends and Where to Find Them


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Jan 19, 2024
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Frugal Friends and Where to Find Them

While Mr. Frugalwoods and I are basking in the San Diego sun with my family this week, I’m delighted to welcome Mr. 1500 from the fabulous 1500 Days to Freedom! Please enjoy his superb post all about how to find frugal friends in our often unfrugal world.

The relationships that we have with others are some of the most important factors to living a good and happy life. Surround yourself with Consumer Crazies and your time will be spent in a miserable spending war as you get sucked into the trappings of a spendy lifestyle. You’ll have a difficult time fitting in because these people won’t share your core values.

On the other hand, surround yourself with good, frugal people and you have a recipe for joy and contentment. You’ll have friends who will be happy to watch your child (or greyhound) at a moment’s notice.

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