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Join us in NYC on 31st in Court against Monsanto!


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Jan 19, 2024
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Whether in person or in spirit, we hope you’ll join us on Jan 31st as we gather at the Manhattan District Court with our 82 co-plaintiffs in our suit against Monsanto, OSGATA et al. vs Monsanto. Monsanto has filed a motion to dismiss, claiming that the dangers that their genetically modified crops pose to our seed, our farms, and our livelihood aren’t even worth consideration by the courts. The judge hearing our case has agreed to hear oral arguments for and against this motion to dismiss on January 31st. We’re heading to NYC along with as many of our co-plaintiffs who can make it to show the judge who we are, that we care, and that the matter of this case is important to us. We hope that if you’re in the area you’ll come out too to other supporters of a just, democratic, and healthy food system in a vigil outside the courthouse while the oral arguments are heard inside. See the details here:

A Citizen’s Assembly in support of Family Farmers vs Monsanto!

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