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Why We Don’t Meal Plan


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Jan 19, 2024
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Why We Don’t Meal Plan

Today I’m participating in a grocery cost comparison study with a number of other bloggers hailing from different parts of the country, led by the fabulous Kayla of Shoeaholic No More. Our goal was to evaluate prices for the same grocery items in our respective regions.

Reporting in for the Boston area, I did my price checking at a local New England chain of discount grocers, Market Basket, which is where Mr. Frugalwoods and I conduct the majority of our food purchasing.

Below are the foods each blogger price checked. Kayla compiled our individual reports into this table, which provides a nifty comparison of prices in Pittsburgh, PA, Brooklyn, NY, Minnesota, Kansas, and of course, Cambridge (yours truly).

High Price
High Price Location
Low Price
Low Price Location
Average Price

Gallon of milk
Pittsburgh, PA
Cambridge, MA

Loaf of white sandwich bread
Pittsburgh, PA
Kansas & Cambridge, MA

1 lb of stick butter
Pittsburgh, PA
Kansas & Cambridge, MA

1 lb of 90% lean hamburger
Brooklyn, NY

1 box of Cheerios (price per ounce)
Brooklyn, NY
Cambridge, MA

5 lb bag of potatoes
Cambridge, MA

1 dozen large eggs
Brooklyn, NY
Cambridge, MA

12-pack of Dr.

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